Un sábado de 1531 a principios de diciembre, un indio llamado Juan Diego, iba muy de madrugada del pueblo en que residía a la ciudad de México a asistir a sus clases de catecismo y a oír la Santa Misa. Al llegar junto al cerro llamado Tepeyac amanecía y escuchó una voz que lo llamaba por su nombre.

Él subió a la cumbre y vio a una Señora de sobrehumana belleza, cuyo vestido era brillante como el sol, la cual con palabras muy amables y atentas le dijo: "Juanito: el más pequeño de mis hijos, yo soy la siempre Virgen María, Madre del verdadero Dios, por quien se vive. Deseo vivamente que se me construya aquí un templo, para en él mostrar y prodigar todo mi amor, compasión, auxilio y defensa a todos los moradores de esta tierra y a todos los que me invoquen y en Mí confíen. Ve donde el Señor Obispo y dile que deseo un templo en este llano. Anda y pon en ello todo tu esfuerzo".

De regresó a su pueblo Juan Diego se encontró de nuevo con la Virgen María y le explicó lo ocurrido. La Virgen le pidió que al día siguiente fuera nuevamente a hablar con el obispo y le repitiera el mensaje. Esta vez el obispo, luego de oir a Juan Diego le dijo que debía ir y decirle a la Señora que le diese alguna señal que probara que era la Madre de Dios y que era su voluntad que se le construyera un templo.








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62 years ago, inspired by love for the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mrs. Edith Diaz Matos Moctezuma, Mexican lady and wife of the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Panama, RP requested Jesus Serrano, pastor of the Church of Christ the King to hold a Mass on September 15 to pay homage to the patroness of the Americas and, to be near the date of independence from Mexico, to invite the other wives of American diplomats and Panamanian some ladies with whom she was friendly so you start a partnership surrender cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

In the event that the wives of heads of mission in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, were absent, it was thought that native-born ladies and gentlemen married to Panamanian respetivas represent their homelands.
It called for a first meeting on August 30, 1949 at Claret Hall, adjacent to the Church of Christ the King, to SARS: Pilar de Valdés, wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador, Edith de Matos Diaz, wife Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, Planas Raudales Alice, wife of the Charge d'Affaires of Honduras, Alfaro Lupe Davila, Mexican lady, representing the Republic of Mexico, Marta Lainfiesta of Resume, Guatemalan lady in rep. of Guatemala, Ciervide Lolita, Nicaraguan lady in Rep. of the Republic of Nicaragua and Marta Fonseca de Lavergne, Costa Rican lady in rep. Rep of Costa Rica. It also called Ms. Alfaro Amelia Lyons, wife of the former President of the Republic of Panama, Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro to represent the Republic of Panama.
It was agreed that the Mass took place on September 15 at 8 am at the Church of Christ the King, inviting through special cards, members of the Consular Corps, people of the Society of Panama as well as members of colonies whose anniversaries were celebrated on that date.
To give more prominence to the ceremony, R.P. Jesus Serrano agreed to bless after Mass, the new altar erected to the Blessed Virgin
Guadalupe, donated by Mrs. Carmen Van der Walls Hans and Solano Posidia Refrigerator and turn to the strains of the National Anthem of Panama, the ladies carrying the flags of their countries, placed next to the altar.
The second meeting was held at Claret Hall, on September 10, 1949, which decided unanimously to grant the First Lady of the Republic of Panama, Mrs. Elizabeth Icaza Resume title of Honorary President and first President of Association, the honor of Mrs. Amelia Lyons as Secretary of Alfaro and Ms. Edith de Matos Diaz.
They agreed to work with great commitment, seek new members, spread devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and charities do for the glory of the Patroness of the Americas.
They were invited to join the Ladies Guadalupanas, the distinguished ladies:
Amelia L. Alfaro, Gloria G. Alfaro, Lupe D. Alfaro, Elida P. Arias, Leticia D. Arias, Lupita C. Arias, Graciela G. Arosemena, Rina V. of Bilonick, Laura Boyd, Lolita Ciervide, Clotilde de Coloma, Alesia Chalvaud, Marta L. Resume of Mary Ellen O. of Guard, Amelita L. of Gasteazoro, Fine Laurenti, Marta F. Lavergne, Edith M. de Matos Diaz, Gabriela O. Navarro, Emelina A. of Orillac, Thelma C. Quijano, Alicia de Raudales Planas, Lola M. of Tejeira and Pilar Valdes.

This was on September 10, 1949 founded the Ladies Guadalupanas.
Since its inception, the Society has been conducting Guadalupanas Ladies apostolic work and social work. Among others:
Help with the assistance of the Ladies, sick Asylum of Palo Seco, the Sisters Catechists, the National Red Cross, the Catholic Seminary; Mosaics giving the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in different parts of the national highway, weekly attendance Bolivar Asylum, which helped with donation B / 3,000.00 to the construction of the Virgin of Guadalupe Hall; annual donation baskets to St. Thomas Hospital Maternity for the day of the Virgin, on December 12.
With the help of R.P. Laburu were organized breakfast, prepared and served daily by a large group of ladies Guadalupanas (and daughters), which are now part of the Company, for children from the School of Venezuela. Using the dining room of the Municipality. Years later, in the upper room, organized the group of "Housewives," where they were taught sewing classes (the Company purchased several sewing machines), a lady who lived in the neighborhood, getting enough knowledge sewing so they could earn a living for their families. They were also given typical art classes and various crafts.
It was a great pleasure for the Ladies Guadalupanas see the happiness on the faces of these humble women, when they saw his effort at work than they could sell.
Already with a group of women organized in the Marañón formed the group of Girl Guides Company Cashew Gold.

In 1955, with Mrs. Thelma Castillo de Quijano President of the Society, was held the first Festival de Debutantes in the halls of Old Club Union. Being from there on, our main fundraiser for all future projects. It was such a success, that the then President of the Club, Dr. Luis Vallarino (RIP) requested to be held every year and that its headquarters were at the Union Club. And since then, has been a tradition that every day is more successful, for its elegance and good taste. The girls wear their best clothes and is the dream of every teenager. The Union Club is lavishly decorated by the delicate hands of the Ladies Guadalupanas, who join forces to make the best flowers that adorn the stage, always original, as I have been able to appreciate all the people who have contributed to the society with their assistance.

In 1966, Mrs. Thelma C. Quijano had the idea of a summer camp, where children could bring low-income residents of Barrio del Marañón, that they might have a month of entertainment, good food, various courses, religion, but above all, an experience which never could forget and serve them to become better people in her life as a teenager and adult.

The idea was welcomed by the rest of the Ladies Guadalupanas and began to work on this new project.
In the beginning the campers were chosen within families living in the Barrio del Marañón, where he had worked so fondly the Ladies Guadalupanas. After the Barrio del Marañón was decreasing in population, had the need to go to the school of faith and joy in Curundú and later by priests in distant neighborhoods.

As responsible for the direction of the first Camp was hired Ms.. Isolde Sutherland, who not only lived in the Barrio del Marañón, but was part of group of Girl Guides Gold Company, and who also cooperated in the address.
It was thought that the place would be the Anton Valley, not only for the nice weather, great change for girls campers, but because several of the ladies had Guadalupanas cottages in this place and could help during the time he was the camp so we can ensure the smooth operation.

We had a great reception at the Ministry of Education, who cooperated us, lending us a school to take the girls. The Catholic priest of the Church in Valle de Anton cooperated with us, instructing them weekly. Besides several trading houses were identified with our big idea, the National Guard took us girls and in this way, we performed the 1st camp.
Since then, we have girls Chorrillo neighborhoods, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Loma de la Pava, Juan Diaz, Calidonia, Curundú and Monte Oscuro. One was taken in conjunction with the Committee for Panama, sponsoring them, the Legions Guadalupanas Youth.

Success have been summer camps and have been very pleased to see the progress of those who return home in better physical and spiritual, to spend a holiday well-run, happy, well fed, learning to live as brothers, in order and enjoying the countryside in a cool climate.

In 1968 the company helped the new Temple of the Church of Guadalupe at 50th Street, district of San Francisco, donating the window of the main facade, which has the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego.
We donate the fees to Ms. catechists led. Irene Guard and dictating classes every Saturday for children who would make the First Communion.

We also work with Ms.. Leticia Guard and Girl Guides group founded in the Church of Guadalupe.